Day 1-A House United

The first day on the build was such a great experience. It has been one thing hearing about the devastation in Tuscaloosa, but actually seeing it was a different story. We went through complete areas that were totally leveled, where once stood many buildings stood just vacant lots. It was heartbreaking. Once we got into town we ate lunch at Morning Star Baptist Church in Holt, AL and then went to the building site where we were greeted by the joyful Habitat team. The rest of the day was spent working on the building the houses. It was great to be hands on and see restoration happening. A roof was being put on one of the houses that was already started by another team last week, and the foundation was being laid for the other house on the habitat project.

Interacting with the University of Alabama students was eye-opening within itself. Being able to hear first hand accounts of the what happened the day of the tornado is something we will never forget. We are glad to come together, and see this effort take off. We cannot wait to see what the rest of the week unveils.





Debris from tornado

workers on the site

one of project houses for A House United

Auburn graduate, Duffie Bricken, hard at work on the site

Auburn supports rebuild after devastation in Tuscaloosa, AL

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