Day 3- A House United

Team 1 final day was today, and a great day it was. Walls went up on the house! It was so exciting to be a part of building the walls and actually putting them up in the house. That’s the moment that it all hit home for a lot of us. We are helping someone actually have a place to live. The reality of it was so rewarding. The in’s and out’s of the day to day in the beginning of house building is strenuous and tedious work. It can be very tiring and one might lose sight of the end goal. However, seeing those walls go up definitely gave us the boost we all needed.

At lunch, Team 2 arrived with a full load and eagerness to get to work! It is going to be great to have fresh hands on the site. Team 1 returned to Auburn safely, and with hearts full of what they witnessed from the beginning of the week. We just know Team 2 will providing the same sort of stories.

Ralph Foster, Duffie Bricken, and Taylor Gunter from the Office of Public Service in front of the site home

the walls of the second house go up, so much excitement

Auburn Building Science student hard at work

We believe in work, hard work.

Auburn professeur, Greg Petit and son, Stefan Petit work on the windows

We believe in A House United

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