Day 4 & 5- A House United

The rest of the week shaped out great, with few showers here and there. Once Team 2 arrived on Wednesday, they apparently brought the rains with them. They were only able to work a little before the clouds parted and the water came. Unfortunately they had to call it a day around 3:00pm. Thursday morning as well, was a wet one. However, the volunteers were able to divert their attention to the Salvation Army, and work there for most of the morning. We were glad to have another place to serve. Once the rain cleared, Team 2 and the rest of the volunteers were able to get back to the grind on the build site. Friday was very exciting because a lot of people came up for the end of the work week! We were so glad to see how much media coverage the event was getting, as well as attention from people such as Nick Saban, who came to the build the final day. Overall, it was a very successful trip, where we not only got to build two houses for some very deserving families but also to put all rivalry aside with Alabama and come together as friends to help in time of need!

A story by the OA News:
Here is a news story done by the Birmingham News:

You can find more coverage in searching: A House United Tuscaloosa, AL 2011

Kent St. football players with Nick Saban, UA football coach

picture taken of roofers from Birmingham News

Thank you for following with us this week, we will have more photos to come soon!

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