Campus Kitchens Project at Auburn University begins Nutrition Education Program at Our House

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Last week, Wednesday November 4th,  the Campus Kitchen at Auburn University held a nutrition education program at Our House.  Our House is an after school community center where school aged kids can go to get homework done, read, and have a heathy afternoon snack.  Our House even has a computer lab for students who have online homework that can also be utilized by parents who may be looking for jobs or other opportunities.

The purpose of the event was to educate the kids that go to Our House about nutrition and the importance of eating food of good nutritious value.  We also prepared a meal for the kids that incorporated many of the aspects of our lesson.  The lesson focused on visualizing what a nutritious meal looks like. We taught them the main types of food they should seek to eat at each meal, which are a protein, grains, fruits, vegetables, and dairy.  We also played a game in which we gave them cards with different foods on them, and they had to organize the cards on a plate with proper portions of each type of food on the plate.  There were a variety of different food options for each of the categories of food, so we emphasized that they could pick out food that they liked to eat to show that eating healthy can taste good too.  The food that we prepared was a tuna casserole, which by itself provided protein, vegetables, and grains.

We had 3 volunteers attend (Daniel, Rachael, and Emily), and there were about 15 kids and 2 parents in attendance.

Keep an eye out for more from the Office of Public Service!

Until next time!

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